- Facilities -

- Facilities -

Please note that we do not accept payments by cash.  Chip and PIN or contactless are preferred. Please speak to us about alternative methods if you are unable to do this.

We have a large outdoor seating area, part of which is covered and heated. If you are bringing a group of 6-8 or more we advise that you book with us in advance to ensure you can get a table, particularly at our busiest times or during inclement weather.

Seating inside is largely at breakfast bars where you are able to watch the CVV team at work or the latest pro rider competition on our screen.  There is one island where a group can face each other if they choose.

We are well known as a cycling café.

To cater for your needs we have the following;

  • Extensive bike parking with bike locks free to borrow for the duration of your stay should you require one for peace of mind.
  • A charging point for devices with numerous plug options.
  • Inner tubes and a toolbox with a few items that should help you resolve whatever technical problem you are having and enable you to get home safely.
  • A cleat cleaning station to make sure there are no issues with those bike shoes once you leave us.
  • Energy gels, sachets, chews and bars to make sure you don’t get low during your onward journey.
  • You are able to refill your own bidons with drinking water from one of our 2 outside taps.
  • We have a number of large tables which can be configured to seat a large number of cycle groups.  Please let us know if you are bringing a large number of riders.


The lifting of COVID restrictions

As the majority of our seating is outside, our team are not required to wear face coverings unless they choose to do so.  Rather than lean over our customers, our staff member will stand away from your table until there is a safe space to deliver your order.   Inside remains extremely well ventilated.  If you are inside we may wear a face covering at your table depending on the number of customers inside at the time.

Many of our employees have been fully vaccinated.  If any of them need to self isolate they are not permitted to come to work until they have produced a negative PCR test.

We encourage all customers to use the QR code at the table to place orders while seated at your table rather than at the counter.  

The screen between the customer and the member of staff serving at the counter will remain in place at this time.

Touchless hand sanitisers are available at the entrance and in the main outside seating area.  We ask that all customers sanitise their hands on entering the premises.

Our vigorous cleaning routines remain in place including the toilet area.  Tables and chairs are cleaned down with anti-bacterial solution as each customer leaves.